Use Your Mood To Develop Better Shortcuts Better Results

How can a mood really affect success?

Mood is a direct reflection of what we're feeling. We usually project a mood to the world, to other individuals, in a way that reflects how we are feeling.

Anger's a great example. Crazy driver cuts right in front of two cars, with squeals and burnt rubber all around. One of the two other drivers jumped out yelling and screaming, "Are you crazy?!!!" With every microsecond he is inflicting observable, serious damage to a number of organs AND systems within the body, AND assaulting his own immune system, with the simple act of anger.

In the second car that was so rudely cut off, three teenagers were slapping high-fives with comments like, "Yeah, dude! Cool response time; thanks for keeping us safe." Their teenaged driver only wanted to know if everyone was okay. He explained that his sister had been recently been killed by a drunk driver. Anger wasn't a part of his frame of mind.

Identical events occurring to two different people lends itself to two different responses.
Two wives get flowers. One melts with passion, the other demands to know what he's up to.
Identical events occurring to two different people lends itself to two different responses. That clearly proves that it's not the event, rather, the response to the event -- good, bad, or indifferent -- which will determine the ultimate outcome of that event -- good, bad, or indifferent.

The edifying Jack Canfield, Ph.D, described it in his four-part video series entitled, "Peak Performance And Self-Esteem" as a simple math equation that makes it easier to remain focused on for getting better, faster results.

Simply enough, his formula is E + R = 0

Defined, that means "Event plus response equals outcome."

Such a simplistic statement, and filled with numerous layers of intelligent help for us.
If you really believe you understand the statement, that is a signal for you to try and get the next, deeper meaning. When that's accomplished, you're not done yet, not if you're seeking to use more than a few thousandths of your available brain power. There are still more shadings, more to be gleaned from this highly useful tool and shortcut.

Good, bad, or indifferent, you can be confident that the outcome of at least ninety-nine percent of all the events in your life will be determined far less by the event and far more by how you choose to process it.

  1. Process it as a horrid event, and that's just what it is, for no other reason than because you say so, encouraging your brain to produce responses that will support that belief.

  2. <
  3. Process it as a life-stopping permanent source of destruction, and you can start packing your bags
  4. li> Process it as a challenge that will be overcome by you, and that's just what you've got on your hands.
How interesting that all three of the world's three primary religious books -- covering a majority of the world population's claimed religions -- all have near-identical statements to the effect that, "As a man thinks, so is he."
Another brilliant mind brought us, "A man's life is what his thoughts make of it."

You have to figure that thirty years' of tragedies and professional

They tell me twenty-three muscles are required in order to smile. And they're correct in telling me that forty-six muscles are required to frown, I'd have to be dumber than a mooing cow not to take a look at this. 23 muscles to smile, 46 muscles to frown. Hm. A man of staggering intellect reminded us that, by the age of 50, we wear the face we have earned. This speaks directly to the profound physical impact of moods. Use this knowledge to benefit your health, and your requests.

I wonder how many people are smart enough to understand the instant, life-changing power of this. By the time we're 50, we wear the face we have earned. Look at anyone you have ever known who's 50 or more… that you've known for 20 years or more. From your grandma or the school janitor to anyone else you might think of: kindly-faced old lady; perhaps mean old curmudgeon; the lush; the perky one and the quiet one. Their personalities usually match, don't they? Yes, of course there are exceptions. As always, we specifically look for everything common to those who are in the top 20% of any and every given field. As a rule, people's faces match their personas.

Being moody, angry, at someone else's action, however 'justifiable,' has never tended to produce anything useful, least of all getting them to stop whatever irked you to begin with. You're already familiar with the old adage that states you catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. There is great wisdom found in this. Ask ten people for something in a surly voice, then ask another ten in a sweet voice. You already know in advance that the sweet voice works better.

What could possibly be holding you back from using this on a daily, even hourly or minute-by-minute basis? Moods are contagious: laughter, depression, anger, silliness, and more. Knowing that whatever you send out to the world is what you get back can instantly improve your ability to get others to do as you ask... simply by sending out an empowering, mutually-helpful mood.

Before passing judgement on this because you might be in a non-receptive mood, try sending out better moods ten times in the next 24 hours and see what happens.


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With more than two hundred thousand unique web pages on 988 web sites, this is
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This is the Psychology of Masters of Champions and Billionaires, Winners and Role Models